Conscious Consumers

Behavioral change starts by tapping into the right mindset.

More and more people are adapting habits and behaviors that are based on shared values versus the “winner take all” mentality of our not-so-distant past. They are considering how their actions impact others and the world around them. This notion of “conscious consumption”  is no longer on the fringes.

For years we’ve been studying Conscious Consumers and the tremendous impact they have on the economy. We partner with MINTEL to produce free in-depth THINK reports that provide marketers key insights on how best to connect with Conscious Consumers. The reports are packed full of interesting insights and  practical tips on how to influence behavior and brand preference. Each week, in our blog, we uncover specific examples of brands that are winning Conscious Consumers and some that have missed the mark (see below). Contact us if you want to learn more!

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